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Teeth Whitening in Albuquerque

Everyone wants a bright, white smile. For some people, however, regular teeth cleaning and trips to the dentist aren't enough to achieve a Hollywood-caliber beam. People who want to whiten their teeth may want to explore professional treatment options. Your local Albuquerque dental services have extremely effective whitening treatments that will leave your smile several shades whiter.

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Some Things to Consider About Teeth Whitening

You've probably noticed the range of whitening products available over the counter. There are whitening toothpastes, whitening strips, and whitening rinses. Most of these products use a mild chemical agent, like carbamide peroxide or hydrogen peroxide, to lighten teeth by a shade or two.

These products vary in terms of efficacy and ease of application. With whitening gels, for example, you may have to apply the gel directly to the teeth using a brush. Strips, on the other hand, come already coated with the whitening agent. Users are directed to affix the strips to their teeth, and leave them on for a set amount of time. While these products can whiten the teeth somewhat, they are nowhere near as effective as the whitening treatments performed by dentists.


How to Treat Teeth Whitening

Whitening treatments performed in dentist offices use a much stronger whitening agent. Like over-the-counter products, dentists often use hydrogen peroxide to remove stains from teeth. Professionally applied whitening agents tend to have a hydrogen peroxide content of 15% to 43%. This means that they provide better, faster results.

At the beginning of the treatment, the dentist will first apply a gum-protecting agent. This will keep the gums safe from the high levels of hydrogen peroxide. After this is applied, the dentist will coat the teeth in the whitening treatment. Sometimes, dentists will use a laser or light to fully activate the bleaching agent. This whole process usually takes between 30 and 90 minutes. While some people can achieve their desired level of whiteness in one session, others will need to undergo two or three sessions to achieve the pearly whites of their dreams.

The number of sessions required generally depends on the level of teeth staining. People who drink coffee, smoke, or have other harmful oral hygiene habits may require more treatment sessions, as these stains are hard to remove. Patients should also be aware of the oral requirements they have to meet before undergoing an in-office whitening treatment. It's bad for people to undergo intense whitening treatments if they have untreated cavities, for example, as the hydrogen peroxide can penetrate the decayed tooth area and cause pain. Teeth whitening may also prove painful for people with receding gums.

The treatment doesn't always stop after the in-office session. Dentists may give patients specific toothpastes or whitening gels that help to expedite the process. If you want the best whitening results, turn to your local dentist for professional grade whitening treatments. At Jack Ollason Family Dentistry, they have all the latest whitening treatments. Your new, whiter smile is only a few whitening treatments away! Schedule your appointment soon to start the whitening process.