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Partial Dentures in Albuquerque

If you have a few missing teeth, then you don’t need to wear a full set of dentures because our dentist can create comfortable and attractive partial dentures. This type of dental restoration is designed for replacing one or more missing teeth with a customized bridge or partial denture that is typically not removable from your mouth. Our dentist uses medical images and molds to place beautiful dental crowns on a metal and plastic framework that attaches to your existing natural teeth. Wearing this type of dental appliance makes it easier for you to talk, chew food and smile without embarrassment.

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Our Dentist Can Create Beautiful Dental Partials

With professional Albuquerque dentistry services at our dental facility, you can improve your smile and bite in only a few days. Jack Ollason Family Dentistry is a full-service dental practice that provides services to children, teenagers and adults. In addition to dental examinations, teeth cleaning, fillings or emergency treatment, we know how to make customized crowns and bridges. A bridge is a dental appliance that is made to fit along the gums inside your mouth, and it will hold durable porcelain or composite crowns.

Adjusting To Dental Appliances

When our dentist makes a dental bridge, it is usually attached permanently with wires to the nearby healthy natural teeth. In some cases, a patient will need a partial teeth appliance that is removable, and we make sure that this device fits precisely inside a patient’s mouth. After a patient gets a dental bridge or partial denture, she may have excess saliva inside her mouth. It is important to drink a lot of water or to rinse out your mouth during this adjustment time. We know that most of our patients overcome this problem in approximately two weeks.

Taking Care Of Dental Appliance Framework and Crowns

Dental appliances require proper care to avoid damaging the beautiful crowns or framework. Some types of toothpaste or mouthwashes can stain or erode the composite materials, metals or plastics of dental appliances, so we will recommend certain brands of oral care products. It is still important for our patients to brush and floss their teeth to remove food debris to prevent cavities in the natural teeth. With proper oral hygiene, our patients can also avoid any gingivitis or halitosis. If a patient has a buildup of debris in his mouth near the dental appliance, then we recommend visiting our dental office for a professional cleaning.

Avoid Dropping Removable Partial Teeth On Hard Surfaces

If a patient is wearing partial removable dentures, then it is important to remove the items carefully to brush away food particles. While performing this task, work over a soft towel to avoid dropping the partial dentures onto a hard counter top, sink or floor. After cleaning the dental appliance, it is essential for our patients to brush and floss their natural teeth to prevent additional decay or infections in the gums.

Use an Oral Irrigator To Keep Dental Appliances Clean

Our dentist recommends buying an electronic oral irrigator that emits highly pressurized water that will remove debris from a patient’s natural teeth and dental appliance. With this device, our patients can eliminate more dangerous plaque and bacteria from their mouths to prevent offensive bad breath.