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Dentures in Albuquerque

At Jack Ollason Family Dentistry in Albuquerque, N.M., we create customized dentures for our patients. Also known as false teeth, these dental restorations are made to fit comfortably on the top or bottom of the mouth. Some of our patients require a full set of false teeth while others only need a top or bottom set. It is also possible to have a partial set of false teeth that is either removable or attached to the patient’s remaining natural teeth. It is important for patients to have natural looking false teeth, and after beginning to wear the items, it is essential to provide proper care.


Proper Daily Oral Care

Proper Treatment

How Should Patients Treat Their Dentures On a Daily Basis?

Step 1: Proper Daily Oral Care

Periodontal disease is one of the main reasons why our patients need false teeth, and after getting the devices, it is imperative for them to take care of their oral cavity. After the infected teeth are removed from the patient’s mouth, the gum tissue will require treatment to eliminate any infection that can reach the alveolar or facial bones. Our dentist may recommend oral antibiotic medications and antiseptic mouth rinses to destroy the bacteria that are causing an infection. Patients must continue to rinse the food and beverage debris from their mouths to prevent bad breath or gingivitis. We recommend removing the false teeth from the mouth after each meal to rinse the oral tissues.

Step 2: Taking Care Of the False Teeth

Patients must take care of their false teeth to protect the items from damage. Not only do our patient’s need to care for the dental crowns, but also, they must clean and protect the plastic supportive devices. For removable false teeth, our patients can use a special toothbrush and cleanser to remove food debris after each meal or snack. If the false teeth are attached permanently inside the patient’s mouth, then our dentist will recommend a high-quality regular toothbrush. Patients with a combination of false teeth and natural teeth must use caution by having the correct toothpaste for each type of teeth.

Step 3: Soaking False Teeth Overnight

False teeth can become stained from fruit juices, red wine or tobacco, so our dentist may recommend soaking the items overnight. Our patients must use special trays and cleansers to soak their false teeth rather than using teeth whitening products that are designed for natural teeth. Using the wrong cleansing or soaking product can stain the materials of the false teeth with artificial dyes. If a patient has a stain on a false tooth, then they can visit our dental facility to have a professional whitening process that won’t damage the materials of the false teeth.

Step 4: Use Proper Handling To Protect the False Teeth

False teeth can break easily with the wrong handling methods. Our patients should avoid dropping their delicate false teeth on counter tops or on floors because this can damage the dental crowns or plastic supports. When our patients receive their false teeth, we supply protective trays. Most of our patients remove their dentures at night, and they place the items in the trays on a bedside table or bathroom counter. When our patients participate in contact sports, we recommend wearing customized mouth guards to protect their false teeth.